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Color Choice - Simple Ways to Pick the Best Ones

January 02, 2015

by Victoria Chuidian

There are lots of simple ways to change your life, but choosing a color for your home is epic. We are often attracted to certain colors and design themes, without even knowing it. They can inspire feelings of happiness or relaxation, or they can enhance productivity. Here are some simple ways to choose the best colors for your home:

Self Check: How Do You Feel?

Think about how you’d like to set the mood of each room. Do you want your kitchen or living room to be bright and energetic, or quiet and comforting? For environments that intend to thrive on socializing and high-energy, then opt for warmer colors. Our Capel Chenille Rug in 100 Butter is a great accent to rooms that need a pick-me-up. For bedrooms, do you want something restful or playful? Deep, rustic colors can add a sense of drama to the room, while neutral and cool colors can stimulate something more soothing. Our Roost Fir Nested Trunks can work both ways- leave the trunk open to expose a lush red blanket for drama, or stack them for a woodsy and comfortable feeling.

Shine The Right Light

One light can change a blue hue to a black hue. Natural daylight is the most accurate lighting for a color, so if you need an exact match- make sure there are plenty of windows around. Fluorescent tends to pick up the bluish flavors, while incandescent lighting brings warmth. Our Roost Lotus Flower Chandelier provides warm and cozy lighting and is great for living rooms or bedrooms. Our Lights Up Chandelier Drum comes in so many colors, so you can play around with shading to reflect your goal mood.

Experiment With Accessories

If you’re still a little unsure about the way you want a room to feel, or how a color scheme affects you- then don’t be afraid to experiment with some decor accessories. If you’re afraid of bright colors but want to lift the relaxed tone of a room, then opt for a simple terrarium like our Roost Copenhagen Terrariums. You can let the breath of real life invigorate any stark space. Accent pillows can also change the mood of a room with color and texture. Choose bright colored pillows to contrast a dark brown couch, or choose cool-colored pillows to enhance the restful effect of a beige couch. Even a picture frame can accent the tone of a room, so have fun! 



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