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The Moditional Story

Moditional Home was founded by two partners in May of 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The company was then sold to Stephan Pease in 2015, and is now headquartered out of New Hampshire. Moditional Home  is a new avenue for home furnishing and living space design, we're bringing great design ideas and great products from manufacturers straight to the channels you already know. We offer friendly, personal service backed up by honesty and integrity and we communicate through social media so you know you're talking to one of the team. Our products are sourced from handpicked manufacturers at wholesale cost and we pass the savings right on to our friends - that's you guys!

Moditional is a design ideology based on taking select features from modern and traditional design trends, and mashing them together to create a unique living space. As space designers we find that a modern space lacks the class of traditional design values, whereas traditional spaces need a modern touch. With our approach to home decor we are creating a design ideology for the new generation based on their nomadic ways. We are also keeping the most important thing in mind....keep it affordable!  A melding of classical and contemporary, Moditional is the Traditional design for the Modern designer. And vice versa.

The products on the site are handpicked by the team - an avid group of young interior decorators. We scour our sources to find furnishings and accessories that fit the Moditional style and bring them all straight to you at internet warehouse prices. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog and subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about the latest arrivals, special deals and sales.

You may see us around on facebook or twitter - if you do be sure to say hi!  We want to know what you're looking for in your own modern/traditional old/new retro/future living space.


 - The team