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Welcome to MapleNest!

MapleNest helps you find fabulous things for you and your home. We are a complete design and product resource for you and your modern home.

Who are we?

We are Samit and Mini, closely linked by profession and passion to the global home décor industry. We like beautiful designs, but much more than that we love designs which work beautifully. We understand the mystifying world of home décor and its commercial aspects, and hope to make it really easy for you buy things that you love.

Why Maple Nest?

The name MapleNest has a serendipitous history. Peronally, it symbolized to us new beginnings, when we tired of the routine of corporate life and found the courage to start afresh.
In the autumn, the Maple tree  bursts into its beautiful foliage of auburn, orange and gold leaves which is symbolized in many cultures as the life-spirit of the tree bursting forth.  In fact in Asia, the name of the maple tree is “Chi-nar”, which means the fire within. 

In Japan we read this Haiku about their beloved maple tree,

“Maple leaf first 
A painted canopy 
Then earth’s carpet.”

We believe that like the Maple tree, we should allow our life-spirit to shine forth.  In MapleNestwe will encourage you to find and express your style quotient in all aspects of your life- your self and your home.

Why buy from MapleNest?

You stand to enjoy the MapleNest difference when you shop from us!

  • We only sell high quality, authentic, branded products.
  • All orders are processed via a secure payment gateway using the latest and most advanced encryption technology provided by our payment processors Apple Pay, PayPal and Shopify Payments.
  • Knowledgeable and courteous customer service
  • Lowest prices available online
  • Exclusive products, not available anywhere else
  • Favored by designers and hotel industries.
  • Lots of repeat customers.
What is our design philosophy?

If we could define ourselves, in terms of  ice-cream, we would say we are NOT the vanilla flavour; more likely we are a smoky mocha flavour, with hints of chocolate and honeycomb.
We are not aiming to be the “be-all-and-end-all” of the décor and lifestyle world. Our design philosophy is to stay true to good design, which means working with natural ingredients, organic designs and modern, clean lines.  We celebrate the artist-artisan and the hand-made creations.

What are our values?

Our values are
Be Useful -to sift through and select a thoughtful curated collection of décor and lifestyle products for you to reflect your personal aesthetic.

Bring Value- To bring the most value to you, by cutting out the inefficiencies in the marketing process. You will not find us hiking prices and then offering heavy discounts. You deserve every cent of the best prices we can offer, everyday.

Bring Quality- to offer uncompromising quality and brands you will trust.

Be Responsive -to offer the best and most responsive customer service.

Our aim is to honour your business, win your trust and form a lasting relationship with you.

What is different about us?

We, at MapleNest, love the idea of a life that’s well curated. What does the idea mean? We are very careful about the work we do, our output, because we associate ourselves with it; however, we are not so careful about what we let in. When we don’t choose things with intent, sometimes we let our lives become saturated with things which don’t express us.   A well curated life is one that emphasises what we give out as well as what we choose to bring into our life. 

Most stores put the “thing” at the center of their activity than the “person”. One is encouraged to buy the “thing” and then plan his life around it. We all have stories where we bought a sofa and then changed the room accessories around the sofa, and yet were never happy with the result.  Why? Because we forgot the most important factor in the mix, the “You” which already has its own consistent design appeal.

We, at MapleNest, try to choose only those products which work together, which have a similar design aesthetic running through, whether it is a personal item like jewelry or a lamp or a chair.  We try to sift through the “style-noise”, intentionally selecting and offering you only what we are sure reflects value for you. In your busy life, sometimes you need a personal curator who can put together your design expression.